A Garden to Glorify God

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We have begun the initial stages of our new Garden to Glorify God. The garden will be located between the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall and will be completed in three phases.

  1. The first phase is to remove the burning bushes along the Sanctuary wall, move the air conditioner to the roof of the parlor, and put gutter along the Fellowship Hall roof to control the water flow.
  2. The second phase is to clear the area along the Fellowship Hall and back of Sanctuary, prep and lay brick pathway up to the burning bushes along the fence. The angel that is currently on the ramp beside the Sanctuary door will then be moved to the end of that path. Benches will be installed along the sides of the pathway along with low maintenance plantings. We are also planning to install a lighted cross on the solid south wall of the Sanctuary. This is to draw more attention to the building for traffic heading north.
  3. The third phase of the garden will consist of prepping and installing a pathway with a rock bubble fountain and also more low maintenance plantings. This will be between the ramp and east wall of the Sanctuary under the stained glass window.

The funds to complete this wonderful garden will be raised the through the sale of “Leave a Legacy” bricks. Attached is a brochure explaining the pricing of the bricks.

Well now it is time for you to contemplate how you would like to honor God and his children. Is it by remembering a loved one, a special scripture verse, or something of the history of this church? The brochure gives all the information you need to design a brick for the outside edge of our pathways.

Click HERE to go to printable brick order form.

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