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    While I was looking for something to read I spotted the “THE SLAVE NEXT DOOR”, about trafficking and slavery in America today. I thought they must be kidding so I took it home – they were not kidding! A few weeks after I read the book three women escaped captivity!

    If you thought this is not the kind of book you would read – think again and change your mind. This is very important for everyone to be aware and know about it. The book explains the difference between the Early Slavery in this country to the modern age kind that goes on every day – all over America.

    Our Government is looking into the new farm slavery and the private home slaves in America and is beginning to take some action to stop it in America. This book should be read by all Americans and Christians.

Noah’s Reading Nook

Stop In! And be sure to check out “THE SLAVE NEXT DOOR”. – Sally Abbotts

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